About Me

Hello my name is Upsana. I have a passion for art and engineering. I have always love art and created art since I was a kid. I also like to sing(but I'm a horrible singer), and write fictional stories sometimes. Engineering has also made a spot onto my future goal in life. When fixing small things in the house or just letting my mind wonder  and I come up with these really cool designs that can be helpful to the world, that's when I knew I wanted to be an engineer. That's one of my goals in life, to become an engineer so I can make a difference in the world, not just getting a degree in engineering. However, that doesn't mean I will give up art for that, actually I'm combining the two so I help the world and have a bit of my artistic side shown in the creative idea's I would like to build in the future.  
Well the future I'm going to build is going to be much better than this.